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The Strait of Anain – Atonement

We are starting things off heavy, but we feel this finds itself at home here at Relinquished. Here are some words from the artist:

“These songs were composed as a prelude and postlude for the Good Friday services at Mars Hill Church.  Good Friday is a day where Christians acknowledge Jesus’ death on the cross. It is a somber time for meditation where we are reminded of our shortcomings and that, despite them, God loves us enough to suffer death on a cross. It reminds us that we are not alone in suffering, because Jesus suffered for our sake.

The introduction piece is melancholy with dissonance that emerges throughout. This is a reference to Maundy Thursday, a time when Jesus knew he was going to the cross and prepared his closest friends at dinner, called The Last Supper. They didn’t understand at the time, but the heavy truth was clearly eluded to in his words. The sound of the music is intended to be meditative and prepare the congregation for the weight and tragedy to come.

The postlude is similar but with less dissonance.  I wanted to allow for reflection while including a melody that offers hope in the darkness. Good Friday wouldn’t be good without Jesus’ resurrection on Easter, and it was important that hope was present as people left the service.” -Wesley Slover

.zip download page (for streaming and individual mp3s)

Music by: The Strait of Anain

Album art derived from Jen Grabarcyk’s painting: “Reconciled”

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